Intel® Partner Alliance
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IPA EMPOWER includes a series of informative content about our partnership program, Intel® Partner Alliance, in the form of video capsules to enhance our partnership, so that you can take advantage of all the benefits and expertise we can offer.

Enjoy our IPA EMPOWER content and explore all the benefits of the Intel®️ Partner Alliance:

  • Advanced Training through Intel®️ Partner University enabling your teams on Intel®️ technologies®️;
  • Marketing resources through Intel®️ Marketing Studio where there are several assets  ready to use;
  • Demand generation through Intel®️ Solutions Marketplace having your own solution published within our platform, on a global level, to attract potential customers;
  • Earnable and redeemable points, which you can earn by participating in activities and events and exchange for amazing rewards.
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Intel®️ Partner Alliance Introduction

Introduction to the Intel®️ Partner Alliance with all the advantages and tools so you can enjoy our partnership even more!

Accelerate your growth as a new member of the Intel®Partner Alliance.

Lean Sales, a leading agency in commercial acceleration for IT companies in Brazil, is the partner chosen by Intel® to run the IPA EMPOWER campaign, ensuring efficient management and consistent results throughout its execution